Are you interested in cybersecurity? Are you writing your dissertation on this topic? Maybe your ITDK, OTDK or Ph.D. research is investigating this area? Apply, present and win!

The aim of the competition is to provide an opportunity for students and researchers interested in cyber security to present their topic to international experts.

Don’t miss this opportunity if you already have research (even one in progress) that addresses some specific aspect of cybersecurity.

Present the topic and your results to internationally recognized professionals or representatives of companies that may be your future employers or may be able to help with your research. You can use anything in your presentation to help present the topic. However, you have to be concise, as you only have 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes to answer the questions asked.

Why apply?

  • During the competition, you can show which topic you are interested in.
  • Employers are always looking for talented young people who show an active interest in a topic outside of the university.
  • In addition to the prize, you can get a job offer.

For who?

For any student or researcher in higher education who wants to do a little more for their career than just sit in front of a monitor.

For applying you need: Active higher education relationship (Vocational Training, BSc, MSc, BA, MA, Ph.D.)

The language of the competition: English

How can you apply?

Coming soon.